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Description :Now an ultimate poker game all poker fans sought after has come!This is one of the most popular poker game many players have become addicted to in Japan.Goood luck!
When you tap upper portion in the game screen, you can refer user help.
(1) How to playYou have 5,000 points first. Please bet from 10 to 100 points with a [BET] button.
To start your game with [DEALDRAW] button.You can draw new cards of your hand only one time.Tap the card you want to keep, the color of the cards you choose will change.When you Tap your [HOLD] cards, you can release [HOLD].
You win a game when you make two pair of cards or more points of special combination of cards. If you win the first game, you can challenge Double Up game with [Double] button.If you DON'T want to challenge Double Up, please tap [TAKE] and keep winning score of the first game.
(2)Double Up gameWhen you win the first game by two pair of cards or higher combination of your hand, You can challenge double up game.Please guess whether the number of face-down card is bigger or smaller than 7. Choose BIG or SMALL. If you're correct, You win score double.If the face-down card is 7, the double up game is draw and you can continue to challenge.If you want to give up the double up game, please tap [TAKE] and you can keep winning score ofthe first game.
(3)Fever Chance featureWhen you make a particular "Three of a kind" or "Four of a kind" that contains more than three "3" or three "7", the color of game screen will turn green and the game get into fever chance mode.In fever chance game, you get an extra score in the same amount of the score you have earned in the next 10 fever mode games. In the next 10 fever mode game, You cannot bet more points than that you bet when this feature starts. If you lose double up game, you lose the score you earn. However, in fever chance mode, you have another score like an extra life point so that you can continue to challenge double up game.
If you win by another "Three of a kind" or "Four of a kind" that has more than "3" or "7" in fever chance games, you get another extra score points and you have three scores and you can play 10 more fever chance mode game.
(4)Special FeatureWhen you make "Four of a kind" or higher point hands...When your score reach to some high points...You can aim high score on 7th dayPlease check what will happen yourself!